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Specialised Foam Products

Specialized Foam products

Reconstituted Foam

This extra heavy density foam is made of recon foam and is compressed down to achieve a very resilient yet firm feel, used in conjunction with a lamination this gives ideal seating for contract use.

Black Polyester Foam

This foam is graphite grey / black in colour and is used mainly for equipment cases or packing. It is firm in density and is not suitable for seating or upholstery.

Plastazote Foam

This is a closed cell foam used with many applications, from equipment cases to gaskets, flotation aids and can be DIE cut to specification.

SOUND PROOFING ACOUSTIC TILES available in 50cm sq x 50mm thick 2

C NC Precision cut shapes
i.e. a passion for precision allowing us to produce high quality complex dimensional foam parts for any application

DIE Cutting and Press Tooling for specialist equipment

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