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Choosing Foam?

Foam: Two key factors to look out for:

Looking for Foam London?

When trying to find foam to meet your needs, two important factors are it’s density and firmness . For foam products, density and firmness are independent of each other and should be looked at seperately.

While the density of foam doesn’t have an impact on the firmness of a product. It’s a way of measuring a product’s longevity and quality. High density foam, consisting of more performance material, is suited for jobs that receive rough or daily use, like couch cushions, mattresses, or automobile seating.

Because a foam product with more performance material will cost more, lower density foam can make more sense as a cost-effective but comfortable material in applications like pillows, body bolsters or mattress toppers that are used infrequently.

Why Firmness Matters :

Firmness, on the other hand, is determines the physical feel of foam and how it resists or yields to pressure. When choosing a foam supplier they should have good knowledge of firmness testing. This indicates how a foam material will bear weight in a real-world application.

Understanding the differences between these two foam qualities and what they do and do not represent can help in choosing what kind of product best fits your needs. Deciding what you need by discussing the range of each value with an experienced foam supplier is an excellent way to decide exactly what you want out of a product.

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