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How a Hidden Gem called Foamtec in Camden made sure Sir Richard Branson kept coming up with his big ideas.

Sir Richard wanted a pair of brainstorming rooms for virgins Kensington HQ and he needed someone to create a uniquely shaped banquettes where he and his team of ideas people would sit. He found the answer hidden away in the heart of Camden where a brilliant little company called Foamtec knows everything there is to know about mattresses, upholstery and practically anything to do with foam.
First, Foamtec constructed the carcasses for the banquets from timber. Then they precision cut the U-shaped pads (using a computer program for ultra-accuracy). And finally, they covered them in the materials of Sir Richard’s choice (leather and deep purple velour, Moroccan style). The result was a perfect, concept creating an environment where virgins innovative ideas could continue to flow.

Of course Sir Richard isn’t the only big-name to be sitting pretty thanks to Foamtec…

A work of art for Damien Hirst

Damien needed a huge, custom-made seating for his number cool houseboat. Needless to say, it had to be stylish and, just as important, weatherproof, since it would be open to all kinds of weather up on deck. Once again, Foamtec came up with the answer. And the result is pretty as a picture  (but nothing quite as expensive as one of Damien’s famous works).

Helping Billy Elliott get off the ground.

The creative team behind the stage version of Billy Elliot needed a way to launch Billy high into the air (and helped him land safely down again, of course!) Foamtec’s solution: a special mattress/springboard with just the right amount of belts. Foamtec, who were featured on BBC’s working lunch, also created the seating area in Channel fours Big Brother house; from basic glassfibre moulds all the way to bolsters and conditions not to mention providing the foam for the costumes in the stage version of Lord of the rings.

From French antiques to boutique hotels.

Judy Greenwood, once Fulham roads doyen of French antiques,always used Foamtec to help restore the fabulous old beds and chairs she rescued from France. The trendy Base-2-stay hotel in Kensington commissioned Foamtec to create suitably up-to-the-minute beds with removable and washable covers and a special concealed storage feature. It was so successful, Foamtec are now working on a Base-2-stay second boutique hotel in Liverpool.

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